Finance for Non-Finance Managers: The Financial Literacy Series

This seminar-series has been designed to transform the non-financial manager into a more effective team member who can propose, analyze and evaluate financial decisions. It does so by providing clear examples of the content, concepts and terminology of financial systems.

Who should take these courses?

1.      Business owners and general managers

2.      Corporate and administrative managers

3.      Sales and marketing managers

4.      Public sector officers

5.      Plant and operations managers

6.      Purchasing managers

7.      Divisional and business unit managers

"Financial Toolkit: A Workshop for Senior Managers"
 held for DP World managers.

"Financial Toolkit: A Workshop for Senior Managers"
 held for DP World managers.

This series is designed to fill the knowledge and skills gap that is also an obstacle to successful Emiratization, particularly in the private sectors.

The Four Modules

While each module of the series stands alone and we recommend that all modules be attended in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the jargon, conventions and formats of accounting and finance. 

The fours modules are:

1)   Understanding Key Financial Statements of a Company

2)   Interpreting Financial Statements

3)   Financial Forecasting (Operating Budgets)

4)   Capital Budgeting Process


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