Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. We have compiled the questions we are asked most frequently and provided answers below for your convenience.

I am an international student and I would like to study at DSR. Can you provide me with a student visa and accommodation in Dubai?

While we have students of many different nationalities at DSR, we are unable to offer student visas or accommodation in Dubai. All of our students arrange for their own visas and living arrangements.

Will DSR find me a job/training contract?

DSR is not a career placement service and will not directly help you find a job. Our training, however, will give you the tools necessary to be an excellent candidate and an invaluable employee. If you are pursuing the ACA through DSR we will provide you with a list of ICAEW Approved Training Employers (ATEs) in the UAE.

Can I buy ICAEW study materials through DSR?

Yes! DSR has a special agreement with the ICAEW that allows us to print licensed student manuals and question banks for our students. This means that you don't have to pay for shipping fees!

Can I get exemptions for ACA or CFAB courses?

Yes. If you hold another professional designation or majored in finance or accounting in university you may be able to apply for exemptions from certain ACA courses. Please see the ICAEW webpage on Credit for Prior Learning for more information.

I just graduated high school. Can I start CFAB?

Yes. CFAB is unique in that it does not require you to have completed a bachelors degree or any other professional designation. Joining CFAB after high school is one route you can take to the ACA. Please note that high school graduates cannot register for the complete ACA without completing CFAB first.

Do I have to enroll for the full ACA program at DSR at one time?

No. You have the option to register for all six CFAB courses at once and receive a 10% discount, but we are also happy to accept payments module by module.

What sort of students will be in my class?

All sorts! At DSR we provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for all people. Your classmates will be men and women of all ages and nationalities who have the drive to pursue a demanding professional qualification. Our students study together, laugh together, share ideas and even carpool! Remember, DSR is not just about work - we really do encourage our students to view our space as a "Learning Majlis".

Does DSR provide in-house training for corporations?

Yes, DSR is happy to provide CFAB, ACA, and bespoke in-house training for corporations. Custom sessions on financial literacy or financial tools can be offered over 1-4 days. In-house CFAB and ACA courses can be offered over the course of several months. Please contact Durdana Rizvi for more information.

Okay, I'm interested. What do I do next?

Great! Please contact us to set up an appointment so we can discuss your needs and complete your registration.