ICAEW ACA Advanced Level Case Study

DSR offers ICAEW ACA Case Study preparation for both exam sittings. Our Case Study course is taught by Zafar Rizvi, FCA (ICAEW), in partnership with EOS Training in the UK.  

What is the Case Study?

The Case Study is the final exam of the ICAEW's ACA program and is designed to test your:
*Business Analysis
*Financial Analysis
*Professional Skepticism
*Ability to link different bits of information
*Strategic thinking
*Ability to communicate at the board level

Exam Structure:

Six weeks before the exam, the ICAEW releases 40-50 pages of Advance Information (AI). Students are expected to know the advanced material and be prepared to answer real-life situational questions on the day of the exam. New information will be provided on the day of the exam that students will have to integrate with the Advance Information.

The exam questions will be based on real-life situations for which you have to apply your understanding of the Advance Information.

You have 4 hours to complete the exam.

Who should be taking the Case Study?

* Students who have completed the first 14 ICAEW ACA papers. The Case Study must be the last exam that you attempt. The ICAEW recommends that before you sit the Case Study you complete the structured training in ethics (STE) program and be in the final level of Initial Professional Development (IPD).

If you are an ICAI / ICAP / ICAB/ ICASL or ACCA member and have completed the other two advance level exams, you can take the Case study to get the prestigious ICAEW ACA designation.

Challenges to Overcome:

*Inadequate analysis of AI
*Lack of identifying business issues
*Focus on the wrong issues
*Poor time management

DSR can help you overcome the challenges that most students face!

Our overall Case Study pass rate is well above the world average.

Why Study with DSR?

DSR has partnered with a UK based training centre to offer you the best possible Case Study preparation in the UAE. Our partner organization is run by a former ICAEW Senior Case Study Examiner.

What DSR offers you:

*30+ hours of classroom time
with Zafar Rizvi, FCA, a seasoned finance professional and ICAEW trainer who will help you develop the tools to analyze the advanced information. To read more about Zafar, see here.

*A structured methodology for preparing for the case study

*2 Mock exams based on a previous case study, designed to enhance your exam writing technique.

*3 Mock exams based on the Advance Information.

*All Mock exams are marked by ICAEW-approved markers.

*Additional Exam-style exercises designed to enhance your knowledge of the actual Advance Information.

*A community that will support you. DSR is like a family; once you register we make it a point to be there for you all the way.

I'm interested, what do I do next?

Call us at 04-443-2522 or 055-498 4696
 and register for our next Case Study Course!

Please Note: DSR believes that a small class size makes for a better learning experience. Because spots are limited we encourage you to register for the course ASAP.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Learning Majlis!

Zafar Rizvi (Director ICAEW Program at DSR) with the November 2017 Case Study students